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Have you ever asked yourself, "What can I do to help fight the scourge of addiction that is sweeping through my community?" We are the organization to turn to. Our dedicated professionals have years of experience devising, setting up, and delivering on high-quality evidence-based programs that will enable you and your community to fight back. We can guide you through the confusing myriad of options and tailor a strategy just for your civic organization, schools, churches, town or city or for you personally.

Who Are We?

Our staff has years of experience that can be used to focus on your problem or situation. We are all in recovery from Substance Use Disorder and so we bring an understanding and empathy that most companies cannot match. No problem is too small and we will bring a dimension to the task that can't be equaled. We are Raj, Robbie, and Roger and we call ourselves R3 Consulting.

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We use only evidence-based programs that work. Proven strategies for Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, Training, Anti-Stigma, Recovery, and Reentry. Let our experts show you the most effective and up to date addiction fighting tools.

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